Our mission is to create and promote healthy, benevolent and fulfilling relationships between humans and animals. We accomplish this through friendly and supportive education about animal behavior and positive reinforcement training.

We are dedicated toward:

  • Enhancing the quality of life for pets via socialization, exercise and play utilizing only non-aversive and positive reinforcement handling techniques.
  • Providing pet owner education, support and training to promote proper pet care and knowledge to optimize their relationship with their pet companion.
  • Providing Free Educational Seminars
  • Researching and only promoting safe and healthy pet products and services
  • Supporting and networking with the Humane Society, SPCA, local animal rescue groups and organizations by providing a forum for pet adoptions and being a reliable referral source for top quality pet services.
  • Free presentations at schools, colleges, and community organizations
  • Support of and donations to the 'arts' and to people and organizations whose purpose is the betterment of the lives and treatment of animals and/or humans.
  • 'Green Energy Power' use on our premises