Sarah Westbrook - Trainer, Behavior Consultant & Founder of Piccadilly Pets.
Sarah Westbrook, B.Sc.Biology, originally hails from Yorkshire, England ("Wuthering Heights country"), which explains her delightful British accent. Raised in a hamlet called 'Hurstwood' surrounded by working Border Collies, Sarah spent most of her time training horses and has been raised around at least 17 dogs, cats and horses. Here she is is pictured holding her most recent dog - Luna. She has been training and consulting on canine and feline behavior in the Bay Area for over ten years and more recently has returned to her interest of horses. Her passion for excellence in life along with animals is the energy behind her constant research of pet products, nutrition, health and improved treatment of animals and humans. Hence the development of 'Piccadilly Pets' - a long time dream, funded entirely by Sarah but encouraged and supported by wonderful clients, also looking for better living for themselves and their pets. Sarah is known for being one of the early 'clicker trainers' in the Bay Area and is a firm believer in positive reinforcement training techniques.
Sarah Westbrook is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.